CRUISENORWAY.NO is a YouTube channel (Cruise Norway) and collection of websites, each presenting an interesting cruise destination in Norway. The purpose is to give visitors an overview of the cruise port and what to do here - what to see, what to do, where to shop and where to eat. As cruise passengers ourselves, we have experienced the frustration of not knowing so much about the next cruise port and how hard it its to find the proper information and overview, so we are sure to get the best out of our short stay here. This is where we try to help.


To make it simple, we do it with videos. We have made and continue to make a wide range of videos, each presenting an attraction, shop or restaurant from the destination.


We then present each destination in its own webpage packed with videos, sorted by attractions, general tips, shopping, restaurants and even some hotels we like  - if you want to come back some other time.


We have developed some destination sites and will continue to present new ones  - mainly along the western coast of Norway. If you want to read more about our concept, please go to the "About" section on this page


Please select destination below. We hope you find it useful.




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As frequent cruise passengers, we have experienced a lot of cruise ports around the world. Before arrival at each port we are often frustrated of our lack of knowledge of the port, and often also the country we are visiting. As a cruise passenger, we have a small amount of time in each port, but often enough to have a little taste of what the area has to offer. You may look at your day ashore as a teaser to the place you visit, a small taste of what it has to offer. If you enjoy it, why not come back on your own another time and spend some more time here.


But then we face the challenge: What shall we do here to get the most out of it? What shall we see, which places and sights to visit ? We can join one of the cruise excursions, but they are often very expensive and can last for the whole stay. And do they give us the best experience? Is a local pottery or craft factory added to the tour, just to make it last longer?


Our experience is that it is better to explore the ports on your own. Find out what you want to see and visit it on your own or use a local provider. Use your feet where you can, hop on a bus or catch a taxi.


To do this, you have to have some knowledge of the next cruise port. What can you do here? This is where we can help. We know that all cruise passengers have their own preferences, so it is necessary with and overview. What can you experience?


The time to plan is often limited, so you need a lot of knowledge fast. Long articles does not do the job, and you want pictures to see if it looks interesting, and even better, you need a video of each place. Then you can get an impression and decide wheather you want to visit or not.


So this is exactly what we have done. We have created short videos from all the interesting sights and activities in some of the most important Norwegian cruise ports. Each site will have its own web page, which makes the information easy to access. They all have the same structure of the adress: cruise???.com, like,,


All videos contains practical information about the place and give you a taste of what you can expect to see. The videos are sorted in categories like sights, activities, restaurants, shopping and some places to stay if you wa;t to come back an other time to explore the area without the cruise ship.


Some sites are ready to explore, some are still under construction and others are future projects. Here on we give you the overview. We are continously working on new videos, so please come back for updates here and on our different sites.



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